Here’s a sport in which the uniforms get a heck of a lot of attention, but not necessarily for the right reasons. You know exactly what I’m talking about, and it’s definitely not the men’s outfits, which are basically the same as those of residential roofers. It is, of course, the ladies’ wear. I think there are a few camps on this. Some people – perhaps exclusively those who happen to be attracted to women – seem to think that the outfits really add something to the sport. Eye roll. Some, on the other end of the spectrum, think that the bikinis are skimpy and inappropriate, and that the women should cover themselves up. Still others think that it’s degrading for women to be forced to wear such things, and that they should be allowed to wear shorts and a t-shirt (more on this uneducated opinion later). And then there are the rest of the humans, who don’t care what the women are wearing, because hey, they’re athletes, and they’re comfortable.