Month: May 2017

Beach Volleyball

Here’s a sport in which the uniforms get a heck of a lot of attention, but not necessarily for the right reasons. You know exactly what I’m talking about, and it’s definitely not the men’s outfits, which are basically the same as those of residential roofers. It is, of course, the ladies’ wear. I think there are a few camps on this. Some people – perhaps exclusively those who happen to be attracted to women – seem to think that the outfits really add something to the sport. Eye roll. Some, on the other end of the spectrum, think that the bikinis are skimpy and inappropriate, and that the women should cover themselves up. Still others think that it’s degrading for women to be forced to wear such things, and that they should be allowed to wear shorts and a t-shirt (more on this uneducated opinion later). And then there are the rest of the humans, who don’t care what the women are wearing, because hey, they’re athletes, and they’re comfortable.



Ah, fencing. One of my favourite sports. I played it for a few years in university, and hope to pick it up again one day. My closest cousin owns Bakersfield towing services and we used to fence a lot. It’s always been a sport of the nobility, after all, and for one reason or another (definitely in part due to the pricey equipment), its pursuit still costs a pretty penny. Which is maybe one of the reasons that not a whole ton of people get into it, and, as a result, why not a lot of people watch it. Regardless, I love the sport, and I think the history of it is fascinating. Its uniform, the fencing whites, is, as you may imagine, all tied into the history of the sport, and I’d be happy to tell you all about it.



I think – from the very little I’ve heard of people discussing anything to do with tennis, much less its fashion – that the most prominent query about what the players are wearing centres around why the women wear short skirts. Well as always, history had a hand in modern day fashion, just ask the guys at plumbing contractor kitchener and the skirts now – though a heck of a lot shorter than they were when the sport was popularized in Victorian England – hearken back to those that women were required to wear in the early days of women in tennis. Not saying it’s right, I’m just saying that’s how it is. Let’s see how it all evolved.